What is DStv THANKS ?

Here at DStv, we would like to say thanks to you – our loyal customer – by giving you a reason to celebrate! So we created DStv Thanks which is our rewards programme aimed at rewarding and thanking subscribers for their continuous loyalty. With DStv Thanks we want to give you even more value by creating the very best television entertainment experience. So active customers can look forward to amazing rewards and benefits.

So what do I get?

All active DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access customers who pay their subscriptions on time or before the due date will be eligible for a complimentary upgrade to higher-tier sports channels for one week, ON US! You’ll have access to extra SuperSport channels with sport such as rugby, cricket, F1 and football;available on your subscription at no extra charge.

Pay on time and get a 7 day sport upgrade. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

DStv Access and DStv Family get 7 days of DStv Compact sport channels

DStv Compact and DStv Compact plus get 7 days of DStv Premium sport channels.

How does it work?

Stay connected and you’ll get rewarded just for staying switched on! If you have paid your subscription before disconnection, you’ll get these awesome extra SuperSport channels on your TV without lifting a finger. Rewards will be allocated within  three working days after payment. So make sure that you continue to pay on time to keep watching the one week of extra sport every month. If you miss even one payment or disconnect, you’ll lose the extra sport. You will need to reconnect and pay before the due date to enjoy the extra sport again. Now wouldn’t that be a shame?

Frequently Asked Questions

4.1. Who can get DStv Thanks rewards and who can’t?

Active DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access customers that have paid their subscription on time are eligible for the one week of extra sport. All commercial subscribers, DStv Lite, VIPs and Shareholders will not be eligible to receive the rewards. We are currently only able to provide these specific DStv Thanks offers to our customers in select territories.

4.2. How do I start getting my extra sport, and how long will I have access to these rewards?

Just remember to pay your DStv subscription on time every month and you’ll get the extra sport on your TV without even lifting a finger. You will have access to the one week of extra sport every month for as long as you remain connected. That’s all there is to it! The extra sports channels will be available to you for ONE week from the day your benefit is activated. This is not a calendar week so it will be automatically available for ONLY seven (7) days from the day your benefit is activated, after payment has been made. Once you disconnect or miss a payment, you will no longer be eligible to receive the extra sport. You will need to reconnect and pay the active subscription before the next due date to enjoy the one week of extra sport.

4.3. What sports channels will be part of these rewards and will customers on different bouquets have access to different sports channels?

DStv Access and DStv Family customers will automatically get access to DStv Compact SuperSport channels for one week. DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus customers will automatically get access to DStv Premium SuperSport channels for one week. The below sports channels will be part of these rewards:

4.4. What happens when the one week of complimentary sports channels ends?

Your package will revert to your current package’s sports channels. Should you wish to enjoy the sports channels for longer, you will need to upgrade to the higher package or continue to pay on time to enjoy a week of your reward each month.

4.5. Will I have to pay extra to watch these extra sports channels, or will they affect the price of my DStv?

Not at all – this extra sport will be available at no extra cost to your existing DStv subscription. It’s our way of saying thanks to you for staying connected to DStv, so you won't have to pay anything extra for it. MultiChoice is opening up this content to give you even more value and we will continue to look for ways to improve the way you experience our business.

4.6. What is so special about sports channels on Compact and Premium?

DStv Compact offers customers access to the best football leagues in the world – The Premier League and La Liga. DStv Premium delivers a total sports experience through multiple HD capable channels to enjoy a wide variety of sport including:

  • Rugby: Vodacom Super Rugby; Sevens World Series;
  • Cycling: Tour de France, UCI Track Champs, Cape Epic;
  • Golf: PGA Tour, European Tour and Sunshine Tour;
  • Tennis: All the Majors, ATP Tour, WTA Tour;
  • Athletics: World Indoor Championships, Major marathons;
  • Cricket: ICC World T20, IPL, SA/England/India;
  • Motorsport: F1, Superbikes, MotoGP, NASCAR, Indycar;
  • Football: The Premier League, La Liga;
  • As well as the best International Boxing tournaments in the world.

DStv Compact and Compact Plus customers who continue to pay on time will also get an opportunity to watch the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship, UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers, European qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and more exciting football events on DStv; through their ONE WEEK rewards.

4.7. Why is the complimentary sport upgrade only for a week?

This offer is designed to give active DStv customers an opportunity to view and enjoy channels and content they do not normally have access to. This way you can get a taste of the exciting wide variety of entertainment available on other DStv packages.

4.8. What will happen to my package once the complimentary week’s viewing ends?

Once the complimentary week of upgraded sports channels comes to an end, you will automatically return to your original DStv package’s sports channels.

4.9. I have Xtra view in my house, can I watch the upgrade package on that decoder too?

No, the benefit of upgraded package will only be available to your primary decoder.

4.10. Do I need to adjust my decoder to access these extra sports channels?

You don't need to change a thing! The sports channels will automatically be added and available to use without any decoder adjustments necessary. If you’ve paid your DStv subscription on time, just sit back and get ready to enjoy your extra sport.

4.11. I’m not getting the rewards even though I qualify. What do I do?

A selection system will be used to identify eligible customers and they will automatically receive the extra sport once the account has been paid on time. There will be no SMS sent as notification. Rewards should be allocated within three (3) working days after payment. If you qualify and the sports channels have still not been activated after this time, you can get the necessary assistance from the MultiChoice call centre, your local DStv agent, or your nearest MultiChoice branch.

4.12. Why are GOtv customers receiving access to channels and airtime, but DStv customers are only receiving access to channels?

We are constantly seeking opportunities to add value to all our customers. DStv customers should not feel left out, there are more exciting benefits in store for you!

4.13. Will the rewards change from time to time, or will there be more rewards to look forward to?

Yes, we’re constantly looking for ways to show our appreciation to our loyal customers for their continuous support. This means that the rewards may change from time to time and there will be other exciting rewards and benefits to come in the future! Any future rewards and benefits information will be shared on this page.


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